lezak z nadrukiem

lezak z nadrukiem

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Advertising Sunbed basic version

Durable construction made of beech wood

Any overprint on the surface of the shell: 43cm x 105cm

Surface: 47cm x 134cm

Certified protection against submission of a sunbed

Three-seat adjustment

GALLERY recent implementation: leżaki reklamowe

Set contains:

  • Design of sunbed
  • Advertising full color Inprint
  • Graphic design

Contact: biuro@reklamowe-lezaki.pl / +48 666 353 621

The design allows take off shell seat on their own for washing or replacement.

If you already have a frame with the possibility of exchanging the fabric, we give you the opportunity to manufacture the shell of an individual print

Above: biuro@reklamowe-lezaki.pl

Lezak plazowy

Lezak plazowy



When buying sunbeds 5% discount on advertasing towels


Implementation of the project and preparation for printing at a price


You buy a ready set, no hidden costs. All prices are complete!